TREY’s TAKE: Keep Calm and Release The Memo

There is absolutely no reason to keep the “memo” under wraps.

As of this writing, Democrats and the FBI have a full-court press on to suppress the memo and discredit its contents. Their actions, and looks of terror on their faces, would indicate to me that they are scared spitless about the fallout.

We don’t know what’s in the memo, however whispers out of Washington indicate it may reveal that during the Trump/Clinton battle for the Presidency there were operatives in the Obama admin who lied to the FISA court so they could get a warrant to spy on a member of the Trump campaign, purportedly to get intel for the Clinton campaign to use against Trump.

If true, that would be Watergate to the max.

We will find out soon enough as the White House Chief of Staff has said the memo is coming out.

So, my word to Republicans is don’t overplay your hand. Keep calm and let it speak for itself.

My word to Democrats is a question – why are you and the FBI freaked and pulling out all the stops to keep it from seeing the light of day? Why are you trying to discredit it? If, as you say there’s no ‘there’ there, Keep Calm and let it out so you can prove it to the American people.


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