TREY’s TAKE On The Manning Matter

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For the record, Barack Obama is the legitimate President of the United States. He was elected twice.

Also for the record, it is a fact that you cannot lead what you do not love.

For weeks now we have heard from President Obama how Russia leaked info from Hillary and Podesta’s emails which cost her the presidency, and according to the President, harmed our democracy.

No democrat has disputed the factual nature of the emails. The President and other democrats don’t deny that the emails were truthful. They are just ticked that someone, they say Russia, released the goods on how the DNC rigged their primary against Sanders.

No one’s life was in mortal danger over the leak. The safety and security of the US was not compromised by the “Russia hack.”

Yet Obama kicked out 35 Russian diplomats, and is amassing US troops on Russian borders.

In 2010, Army private Manning was charged with releasing 750,000 documents which contained sensitive US military secrets. Wikileaks, the same group which published the DNC emails, published all of the Manning leak.

This was the largest leak of US national security secrets in the history of our country. Authorities testified that US military and diplomats lives were put at risk. The lives of our network of informants were endangered to the point that our intelligence-gathering capabilities were harmed.

Officials also noted that terrorist leaders had read and commented on the info released by Manning.

Manning’s Brothers in Arms had their lives compromised as did every other US citizen by this act.

Manning was found guilty of espionage, fraud, and theft of government documents.

In the past, this was enough for the death penalty. Instead, Manning was sentence to 35 years in prison.

Manning served just over 6 years of that sentence, and will walk free in May because President Obama decreed yesterday that Manning had served enough time.

So, according to Obama, six years is a long enough sentence for endangering US military lives? Stunning stuff huh.

Barack Obama’s presidency ends at 12 noon Friday. Question is, what else will he do between now and then?



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