TREY’s TAKE: Meet The ‘New’ Most Interesting Man

French actor Augustin Legrand is the new “Most Interesting Man” in the world.

The previous “Most Interest Man,” Jonathan Goldsmith was 77,¬†Legrand is 31 and bilingual. Dos Equis says Legrand’s youth will allow the character to take on expanded tasks, and because he is fluent in Spanish he will appeal to a more diverse group of beer drinkers.

One scene in the new commercial has Most Interesting running with a gorgeous woman from a band of angry sellers. Goldsmith would have never been able to pull that off. His appeal was that he was cool – suave. It appears the new “Man” is going to be more of an action figure.

Also, the new commercial is in Spanish with English sub-titles.¬†Andrew Katz, the VP of marketing at Dos Equis says, “The drinker base is much more multicultural than ever, and Spanish-dominant consumers are increasingly important.”

Sometimes marketing consultants get it right, and sometimes they get it really wrong (new Coke, McDonalds, KFC). Only time will tell if the new “Most Interesting” will have the same impact as the previous. They struck gold with first. Dos Equis is hoping lightening strikes twice.

You can watch the new commercial here


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