TREY’S TAKE : How about Mickey Mouse?

So there are many people to who feel like they are being left out of the political discussion. From their point of view the candidates have been chosen and neither of them are appealing. Hillary is way too far to the left, and Trump – well he’s Trump. So where do these people go? Who can they get behind? Who should they vote for?

What about nobody?

Do we have an obligation to vote? I asked that question on my show this morning, and the phones lit up.

“Of course we do!” said one lady sternly. “Men died in war to give us that right!” she continued. “If we don’t vote their sacrifice would have been in vain.”

Just for discussion sake I took the opposite side, as I sometimes do to keep things interesting. “Didn’t they die for freedom?” I asked.

“Sure – that was the whole point,” she answered.

“Then doesn’t that include the freedom to opt-out?” I asked.

Another caller said, “If you don’t vote you are allowing 30% of the people to decide what your life will be like.”

“But some look at the lack of difference between the candidates and say that decision has already been made for us,” I responded.

“Write in Mickey Mouse, take a picture of your ballot, and post it online then! Just vote!” she said with passion.

I bumped into my mailbox neighbor after the show who said, “One could argue that Mickey would be a great choice. It beats the hell out of voting for Dopey or Goofy.”

This is going to be a fun few months.



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