TREY’s TAKE: Muslim Message to ISIS

The Muslim – American community has a message for ISIS about terrorism.  Here’s the story from the Washington Times:


A large electronic billboard declaring the Islamic State terrorist group “sucks” has gone up in Phoenix as part of a national Muslim-American campaign to denounce terrorism.

The billboard proclaiming, “Hey ISIS, you suck!!! From: #ActualMuslims,” went up on Interstate 10 eastbound over the weekend, referring to the terrorist group by an acronym. The billboard campaign by Sound Vision was brought to Phoenix by local Muslims after a similar billboard went up in Chicago earlier this month.

“People ask, ‘Why doesn’t your community speak out about ISIS?’” said Aneesah Nadir, a local Sound Vision spokeswoman, a local ABC News affiliate reported.

 Ms. Nadir said the Muslim community often does speak out against the terrorist group, but the message isn’t always heard.

“What ISIS is doing does not reflect Islam or Muslims in any way, shape or form,” she said. “We want our neighbors to know — we’re colleagues and classmates and neighbors, and we want our neighbors to know that we don’t approve of this at all. In fact, Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him taught the exact opposite of what ISIS is portraying and we want everybody to know that.”

She said Muslims across the country have been the target of threats and physical violence in recent years. Sound Vision’s hope is that the billboards will cast a more positive light on Muslim-Americans in the face of violent Islamic extremism.

“This billboard is one way to get the message out there,” Ms. Nadir told a local Fox News affiliate.

According to their website, Sound Vision’s mission “aims to produce content that helps build bridges of understanding among Muslims and their neighbors, with emphasis on youth.”

Local Muslims have also reportedly requested the billboards in Connecticut, Florida and Texas.


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