TREY’s TAKE: My Time With R. Lee Ermey

Years ago I had the honor of meeting a Marine by the name of Ed Bandas. Ed asked if I would speak to a group of conservatives in downtown San Antonio.

As the event was wrapping up, Ed and a few others told me about a special upcoming military event, and asked if I would help get the word out.

I jumped at the chance.

My on-air partner, Brent Boller (Cap US Air Force), and I started playing it up for several weeks.

One morning, Ed called and asked if he could bring their keynote speaker to the station.

That’s the first time I met R. Lee Ermey.

He was the real deal through and through.

He was a patriot and a gentleman who loved his country and the men with whom he served.

We talked on-air on several occasions, and he was always one of the best interviews I’ve ever had.

Like I said, the real deal.

As you know, we start every Trey Ware Show with the National Anthem. I’ve never seen anyone stand so tall and straight at 5am as R. Lee Ermey.

God bless you, Sir, and thank you for being a great Marine and Great Patriot.



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