TREY’S TAKE:  No More ‘Felons’ or ‘Convicts’

For years I’ve been talking about the dangers of political correctness and how our country has gone absolutely insane attempting to not offend offenders.  The redefinition of plain and understandable terms in an effort to do no harm to the sensibilities of people who commit crime is beyond the pale.  Yet in an effort to once again muddy the waters and leave his mark on our culture, President Obama has instructed the Justice Department to can the terms ‘convict’ and ‘felon’ because they are too offensive – to the CRIMINAL.

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Assistant Attorney General Mason believes we have a responsibility to reduce the psychological barriers to reintegration.  I call BS.  I say this is going soft on crime.  Hey Ms. Mason, we didn’t throw barriers in the way of the criminals, they did that when they CHOSE to commit the crime for which they were convicted.

Keep in mind, we aren’t talking petty stuff here.  They want to erase the terms ‘felons’ and ‘convicts’ from our dictionary.  She says the Obama crowd is concerned about the self-worth of ‘felons’ and ‘convicts’’,’ and those terms just might upset them enough to cause them to continue their life of crime.  Dear Lord, seriously?  The Justice Department said a criminal report can keep people from getting employment or education, so they might go right back to jail.  And changing terms is going to prevent that?  Our government officials are nuts.

When you commit a felony your life is SUPPOSED to change just like you changed the lives of those you harmed.  It’s called personal responsibility.  Anybody remember that?  Oh sure, we are a forgiving and generous people, and we jump at the opportunity to give second chances.  But you are what you are.  Convicted of a felony?  You’re a ‘convicted felon.’

God help us.



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