TREY’s TAKE:  November is Coming!  November is Coming!

Have the British just established their own “Independence Day?” 

The “Brexit” has passed by a very close margin after a huge turn-out at the polls, (over 71% so far).   The British people have voted to leave the EU. 

More than 71% of British citizens turned out to vote!  When was the last time the US had anything close to 71% voter turn out on anything? 

Well – stay tuned.  November is coming.  No I’m not predicting anything here, but I do see similarities between what just happened in Great Britain and what is happening in the US.

For over half-a-century the British ruling class has been feeding their citizens the line about globalization.  The rich and powerful preached to the everyday man/woman about how much better off they would be as a nation if they just gave up some control and thereby sovereignty.  And the people believed them.   

It took decades, but the British people realized they had virtually no say over the future of their own nation.  The connected and powerful politicians ran it all.  The “ruling class” knew what was best, and the concerns of it’s citizens were not to be taken seriously.  The politicians knew best.

The system was rigged.  And the people who benefited were the connected and powerful.

Then one day the people began to notice the economy and mass out-of-control immigration were two problems which were working against them, and for the political class. 

The people wanted to control their own destiny, so meetings and speeches ensued.

And then they found some like-minded people who were willing to engage in the day to day political operation to bringing about change.  They found leaders who were willing to speak truth to power regardless of the what it cost them personally. 

Those efforts culminated in tonight’s vote to leave the EU.

What does that have to do with US?  Well – a lot, and it will take months for the analysts to break it all down.

But for now, a friendly reminder to the powerful politicians in the US….

November is coming.  November is coming. 

Will US citizens speak to the powerful and politically connected?  Will we do as our cousins in Great Britain just did and reclaim some of our own sovereignty?  Will we take advantage of the opportunity as the British have done?

Stay tuned…..


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