TREY’S TAKE: The Orphaned Slipper

As I closed the door on the refrigerator I noticed something on the kitchen floor near the end of the island. Closer inspection revealed a single bejeweled slipper.

I snatched the slipper off the floor and began to search the kingdom (downstairs) for the damsel to whom the shoe belonged.

I found a young princess was wearing only a single Royal slipper reclining in her Nana’s office.

Kneeling before her, I gently placed the orphaned slipper on her foot.

She looked at me and smiled wide. “Grand-Dude, I knew you would come for me,” she exclaimed.

I took her hand and we danced in the kitchen, hallway, and dining room.

Life’s greatest lessons come in moments such as this, and I am grateful for such a wonderful teacher.



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