TREY’s TAKE: “Potential Terrorism” How Foolish

I’ve been sitting here going through the chilling accounts of those who were attacked in the Crossroads Mall in Minnesota this past weekend, and comparing their accounts to the words of Dear Leader Obama who called it “a potential act of terrorism.”

“Potential??” How foolish.

He can’t leave office soon enough.

Isaiah Mordal, 22, and his nine-month pregnant girlfriend were leaving the mall when they encountered the knife-wielding “potential” attacker as he was in the act of violently stabbing a woman nearby. This was a real stabbing, not a “potential” one.

Isaiah said, “He (the “potential terrorist”) had me trapped in a corner. I said, ‘don’t do this! My girlfriend is pregnant!”

Sounds like “potential terror” huh Mr. President?

The attacker said the usual Allah Akbar before he slashed Isaiah’s shoulder as his pregnant girlfriend ran away.

The “potential terrorist” then chased her down, grabbed her, and raised the knife. His blade grazed across her neck as the “potential” killer turned and ran after another victim, saying Allah Akbar all the way.

It is at this point the “potential terrorist” met a very real Jason Falconer.

Mr. Falconer is a USPSA Shooter, 3-Gunner, NRA-Certified firearms instructor, and president and owner of Tactical Advantage, LLC, and Tactical Advantage Firearms Training, Inc., and CHL holder.

The “potential terrorism” ended shortly after the two met. The “potential terrorist” stopped breathing after being shot by a true American hero, Jason Falconer.

Every time there is a mass shooting somewhere in America, Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the dishonest Democrats wail about how we need more gun regulations. Fewer guns means less crime. Tell that to the people whose lives were saved by a man with a gun who just happened to be shopping in that mall.

Funny, but the Prez and Hillary haven’t said one word about Falconer or the gun he used to stop a “potential terrorist.”

Coming soon – How Hillary plans to make us less safe.

Details in my next blog.




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