TREY’s TAKE: In Presidential Inaugurations – Does Size Matter?

Did we really just spend a weekend seeing the leftist media extol the virtues of Obama because his inauguration crowds were bigger than Trump’s?

Another reason why I don’t waste my time with the Sunday talking head shows, NY Times, or WAPO.

No fake news here – only silliness passing itself off as news.

The idiocy continues…

Just to be clear, it is not a proven fact that Obama’s was bigger. Some say the pictures shown on Obama/Clinton media were taken before the crowds arrived for Trump’s inauguration Friday. I have no idea, but I suspect Obama had a bigger one. Probably┬ábecause Trump supporters work on weekdays, Obama’s followers not so much.

But, truth is, it doesn’t matter and I┬ádon’t care.

Just do the job you were sent to Washington to do, Mr. Trump. Don’t get caught up in the fake news BS. There will be so much of it over the next four years.

Head down, butt up – stay on task of reducing the size of government and making it more irrelevant in our lives.



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