TREY’s TAKE: This Is Really Creepy

Let me start by saying I’m neither here nor there with clowns. They don’t freak me out or make me jump with joy. Take ’em or leave ’em.

Creepy clowns don’t make my skin crawl, but I do realize they have that effect on some folks. However, the newest sensation is over the top of stupidity on all sides of the issue.


About a dozen states have been home to Creepy Clown sightings lately. People dressing up as creepy clowns and standing next to a road, in the woods, or simply walking through a store – and people are freaking out. I keep waiting for a some corporation to claim credit for a new ad campaign.

Many, many calls have been made to police to report Creepy Clowns. So now, police and sheriff departments in various states have begun sending out messages to anyone who might consider dressing up as a Creepy Clown to be aware they may be arrested.

For what, I ask?

Basically, for looking creepy and freaking out the public.

Several have been arrested, and now the FBI and Homeland Security have been consulted.

No kidding. Authorities have contacted the feds to have them investigate Creepy Clowns because they are…wait for it – CREEPY!

OMG doesn’t even come close.

Get a grip people. I understand Creepy Clowns are creepy. Kinda the point. But the feds investigating and arresting them? THAT’S Creepy!!

I don’t get why anyone would want to dress up like a Creepy Clown and stand next to the road. Sounds like a yuuuuge waste of time to me. But whatever, as long as you don’t harm anybody have at it.

Safe spaces on college campuses. Trigger warnings at public events. Now Creepy Clown arrests.

“Progressives” are taking us backwards. We should call them “Regressives.”

My two cents.


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