TREY’s TAKE: Rigged From The Git-GO

Well well what do we have here?  More than 19,000 Democrat party emails leaked by Wikileaks on the eve of the DNC which appear to show the whole primary was rigged from the git-go.

The emails from apparent operatives within the Democrat party power structure allegedly show how Dem party operatives were working to make the campaign of Bernie Sanders seem incompetent, and even wanted to cast him as an atheist so the “Southern Baptist” in the party would freak.

There also appears to be confidential communication with the biased mainstream media who have been on the Clinton team forever.

Bernie responded with, “It’s not a great shock to me,”

“There’s no question in my mind and I think there’s no question in any objective observer’s mind that the DNC was supporting Hillary Clinton and was in opposition to our campaign, so I’m not shocked by this and that is why many, many times I made clear Debbie Wasserman Schultz should resign,” Sanders said on State of the Union.

As a result of the leak, Wasserman – Schultz has been booted from from convention this week.

He’s absolutely right.  There is no shock value to any of this.  Anyone who has followed Hillary Clinton knows her political life is a fraud.  The fix has been in from the very beginning.  All anyone needs to do is remember what happened 2 weeks ago when the FBI had the goods on her, and decided to not prosecute her because she isn’t “sophisticated enough” to understand right from wrong.

The only question is, is the system so rigged that these same operatives will be able to deceive the American people enough so as to  deliver her the keys to the oval office?


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