TREY’s TAKE: Softer Trump?

What is Donald Trump about to do on immigration and why?

That’s what a lot of people are wondering right now.

He’s been talking about it and making it sound like his position might be “evolving.” He even used the word “softening.”

Being tough on immigration was a foundation principle in the Trump candidacy. It was the first issue he spoke about when he announced his candidacy. Wall building and deportation were his biggies.

Is he about to “pivot” on immigration? Will it matter if he does?

Some political observers say he is going to tick off his base if he backs away from his hard-line stance, while not doing anything to bring in Hispanic voters. They say there is not enough upside for the damage he may do to the base.

Others say there is nothing he can do to chase his base off. Remember Trump’s comments about shooting someone in New York and not losing support? The theory is they are not supporting him because of specific policies, but rather they are behind him for his toughness and the fact that he is seemingly a political outsider.

There are plenty of folks who are confused about his immigration policy. Some say it sounds a lot like Obama’s – kick the bad guys out, and give the rest a chance to work toward citizenship. The main difference is the wall.

He was scheduled to give a major speech on it today, but now he says that it will come soon.

How about you? Are you certain what his immigration policy is and what he will do if elected?

What about the idea of “softening” – will it help him attract new voters to the fold while keeping his base loyal?

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