TREY’s TAKE: Spare Me the Gun-Grabbing Nonsense

A couple of headlines from today’s news once again highlights the lunacy of more gun regulation.

Before we get to the stories, I have just one aside.  Stop calling it “gun control.”  My guns are controlled just fine, thank you very much.  What the Lefty Libs want is old-fashioned gun confiscation.  Most of them would be happy with a repeal of the second amendment, but short of total repeal they will settle for making it more difficult for LAW-ABIDING US citizens to obtain guns – for now. 

Their lust for total gun confiscation will never be satiated. 

Now on to the news….

Dateline PORTLAND, Ore.  Headline – “Intruder Shot Dead by Mom Returning Home with Two Kids.”

A 33 year-old mother of two came home with her young children, ages 5 and 10, and discovered an unknown 59 year-old man inside one of her children’s bedrooms.  She was armed with a handgun, and she shot and killed the intruder. 

Thank God she was armed, and obviously had training on what to do in such a situation.  Unbelievably, (or not so much these days), I’ve heard from Lefty Libs who say she shouldn’t have shot the man!  After all, they reason (?), she didn’t ask him why he was in her children’s bedroom!  Oh, so she finds a man in her kiddo’s bedroom and she’s supposed to strike up a convo with him? 

Lesson to anyone thinking of breaking into a young mama’s house and hanging out in her kid’s bedroom – you might get shot and die.  If you would like to avoid that fate, stay out of her house.


Dateline San Antonio, Tex.  Express News headline – Homicide Rates Close in on Five-Year High

More than 20 homicides have happened across SA since the beginning of May.  This year is on pace to be the deadliest since at least 2011.  So far this year, 66 people have died from homicides in SA, an increase of 29 percent from this time last year.

SAPD spokesman, and 8 year homicide detective Sgt. Jesse Salame says it’s not just San Antonio but rather a “violent time across the whole country.”


He went on to say, “I wish we could figure out what is causing people to be so violent toward each other lately.”

He explained that SAPD is doing everything they can, but PD HAS NO WAY OF KNOWING WHERE OR WHEN HOMICIDES WILL HAPPEN (emphasis mine).

As usual, Sergeant Salame does a great job making the point. NO ONE but the killers among us know when or where the next murder will happen.  The victims most certainly don’t or they wouldn’t be victims.

Making it harder and more expensive for law-abiding US citizens to exercise their 2nd amendment right to keep AND bear arms through more regulations only creates more victims.  The gun-grabbers are making it harder on law-abiding citizens and easier for the bad guys! 

So hey Lefty Lib – tell me that one again about how law-abiding US citizens should have more of their gun rights stripped.  You know that line you dust off after every mass shooting about how even more gun regulations will keep us safe from the bad guys.  Let me have another plate of your drivel, because God knows we haven’t heard enough already, about how even MORE laws will keep killers from doing what they do – kill.

Better yet, tell it to a 33 year-old mama in Portland, or 66 mamas in SA who no longer have their babies to hold.  I’m sure they can’t wait to hear more of your gun-grabbing nonsense. 



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