TREY’s TAKE: There’s A New Phone Scam You Should Be On Guard

Your home or cell rings and it’s an unfamiliar number. You answer and the voice says, “Can you hear me?” You answer, “Yes,” because you can hear them.

“Are you speaking on YOUR phone?”

Another yes.

“Do you have a family?”

Yes, of course, doesn’t everybody have some sort of family?

See the pattern? The scammers ask you questions that are designed to get you to say “yes.”

Every one of your “yeses” is recorded by the scammer, and later used to sign you up for products and services you never ordered or asked for.

The scammer has your “yes” which they lift out of context to use as a confirmation to commit you to buy something completely unrelated to your original conversation.

What do “experts” say is the best thing to do?

Hang up WITHOUT saying a word.



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