TREY’s TAKE: Time For Common Sense – Not Politics

With our country under attack it is time for our leadership to use common sense – not play politics with the lives of Americans.

A nightclub in Orlando is attacked by a radical Muslim terrorist so let’s make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to buy gun? That kind of thinking doesn’t even follow the rules of logic.

What you’re seeing right now are opportunistic politicians who are preying on the raw emotions of the nation in an attempt to push through an agenda on gun control which they have been dedicated to for decades. This has nothing to do with stopping terror, and everything to do with disarming citizens of the US.

Terrorist will use whatever means available to kill. They must be stopped before they have the opportunity.

President Obama has failed the American people on this issue. For as much as he likes to talk about what a great job he has done executing the ‘’”War on Terror,” his policies have made the US homeland less safe. His push for gun-control will make matters worse. It’s simply makes no sense to disarm the citizens of this country in order to fight terror.

Yet Congress is close to enacting more restrictions on the 2nd amendment. They are walking in lock-step with President Obama as he leads the way to chip away at our God-given right to self-protection.

Which will win out – common sense or the gun-grabbing political agenda?


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