TREY’S TAKE: Who or What ARE You…?

Grab a cup of your fave and watch this video

As I watched these dazed, deceived, and confused young people my first reaction was to feel a little bit sorry for them. I wondered what kind of family environment they grew up in that they would end up thinking this way. Who would put such garbage in their heads? Then I remembered that there’s no doubt about a person’s biological gender, race, or height, and to doubt any of these one must make a conscious decision to deny absolute truth.

Realizing this I no longer felt sorry for them. The choice to deny truth is their own. What I feel is concern for the future because these young people are tomorrow’s parents, politicians, judges, and most important of all school teachers. The junk about in their head will be transferred to future generations.

So will we get in the stream and go along, or will we push back by speaking the truth in love, and by doing all we can to teach our children that there is such a thing as absolute truth?



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