TREY’s Take: Will Donald Trump Chuck It All?

Some serious questions have been raised with the release of the email chain between Donald Trump, Jr and an emissary who was attempting to set up a meeting between Trump, Jr. and a Russian attorney.

Although there is no evidence (so far) that a crime was committed, this is potentially politically damaging for President Trump. The Democrat media is all over this as their “smoking gun” to prove Trump/Russia collusion. They say they now have their man, and some Democrats are even throwing around charges of treason.

I can’t help but wonder what Donald Trump’s next move will be. He’s been viciously attacked and maligned by the Democrat media and Democrat party. He seems to be okay with that to the point of relishing it as long as he is the one being attacked. But if you go after his kids – well that’s a different matter altogether.

One thing we know about President Trump is he loves his children deeply. I have no idea what he will do, but I don’t expect him to stand silent on the sidelines while his namesake receives a beating.

Stay connected, folks. Things are about to get real interesting.

The Democrat machine is working to overturn the results of the election. They want Trump to chuck it all and go back to private life soon. Under normal circumstances I would say that is not in his DNA, but these aren’t normal circumstances.

I do think this sets a terrible precedent. Our system relies on having a winner and a loser. For the system to function the loser accepts their defeat and works harder next time. Those days are over. The results of every election will be challenged from here on.



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