TREY’s TAKE: Wussing out or wise restraint?

Well they’ve done it again.

Ever since President Obama gave the Iranians $1.7 billion in cash to Iran for the release of U.S. hostages the terrorist country was illegally holding, the Iranian Republican Guard naval forces have been harassing the U.S. Naval fleet in the Strait of Hormuz.

In just the past few weeks Iranian gun boats have run at U.S. ships at least four times.

Each time, the U.S. attempts radio contact, fires warning shots, and eventually turns and veers off course to avoid confrontation with the Iranians.

Clearly the Iranians know the U.S. will do nothing to stop them, and everything to avoid a confrontation.

Those are the orders from the U.S. Commander in Chief.

It’s a lesson the Iranians are teaching the rest of the world. The U.S. has weak leadership, and will not respond when harassed.

Iran is acting like the school yard bully who will keep it up until his victim punches back.

Will we? Should we?

The world is watching – and taking notes.


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