TREY’s TAKE: Zorro Closes LAX?

A man dressed as Zorro was sitting outside of a terminal at LAX on Sunday night.

Inside someone thought they heard a “loud noise.”

And we’re off to the races.

People shouting “RUN!”

People took off running.  Not sure to where or away from what – but run they did.

Police, SWAT, and anti-terror teams were called in to end the attack.The order was given to ground all flights.

Police found the masked stranger sitting on a bench outside the terminal and approached ready to take him down.

“It’s a plastic sword!” shouted Zorro.

“Get on the ground – NOW!” was the police response.

A woman shouts, “He didn’t do anything!”

More people running. The terminal was evacuated and placed on lock-down.

A thorough examination of Zorro revealed it was indeed a plastic sword. Apparently he was just a guy in LA dressed in a costume – go figure.

Police say the loud pops were a “false alarm.”

Everything is settled down and operating as usual at LAX.

Welcome to our “New Normal.”


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