Trump Ad Hammers Cruz On Immigration

Donald Trump is keeping up his press on Republican Presidential rival Ted Cruz.

The GOP frontrunner is out with a new ad portraying the Texas Senator as weak on immigration–using a Fox News interview of Cruz last month to suggest the Senator supported the immigration reform bill that failed in Congress.

Meanwhile, about a week after Cruz very publicly pointed to his endorsement from “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson–there appears to be a split in the “Duck Vote.”

Trump has won the endorsement of Robertson’s fellow “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson, who attended a recent Trump rally in Oklahoma, and expressed his support for Trump at an event in Las Vegas.


Don’t expect Ted Cruz to fire back at Donald Trump in the same way Trump has been taking aim at the Texas Senator.

“He is bold, he’s brash–he’s an amazing marketer…I mean this man is an entertainer and marketer par excellence” Cruz told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The Senator said he will go after Trump only on politics.

“I’m not going to attack him personally… I will draw policy distinctions, I think that’s fair game in politics” Cruz said.

Despite the insults, Cruz admitted he still likes Trump.


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