Trump Carson Cruz Triangle in NH

A Donald Trump-Ben Carson-Ted Cruz triangle suddenly appears to be swirling over the Republican White House battle in New Hampshire.

It all goes back to the Iowa Caucuses–during which it appears the Ted Cruz Campaign suggested Ben Carson would be getting out of the race–and urged Carson’s supporters to line up behind the Texas Senator. That has Donald Trump calling for an Iowa do-over.

That call hasn’t moved Cruz one bit.

“I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted” Cruz said from the Campaign Trail Wednesday–holding up his young daughters as better examples of behavior than his rival

“Caroline and Catherine are better behaved than a Presidential Candidate that responds by insulting everyone every day” Cruz said to applause from his backers.

For his part, Carson said in a statement he has accepted an apology from Cruz over what happened in Iowa–and went on to say such dirty tricks are the reason he got in tot he Race in the first place.


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