Trump Continues to Aim at Cruz

No let up from Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in his attacks on rival Ted Cruz.

“At least I have the presence to call out… I hate to say it about a person… but during the debate (Marco) Rubio actually called him a liar, so I felt a lot better” Trump said during a Tuesday campaign stop in South Carolina.

Trump went on to defend his position on gun rights.

“I am the strongest on the Second Amendment” Trump said, adding “He (Cruz) said Donald Trump wants to destroy the Second Amendment. I’m in the NRA, my sons are in the NRA.”

For his part, Cruz seemed to largely back away from the nasty back and forth we saw earlier in the week.

“After seven years of neglect, it is time once again for America to prioritize it’s strong, advanced, and robust military” Cruz said during a campaign stop of his own, focusing more on President Barack Obama’s record than his rival.

The South Carolina Republican Primary is set for Saturday.



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