Trump GOP Opponents Unmoved by Pence Choice

Not all Republicans are celebrating Donald Trump’s apparent decision to make Indiana Governor Mike Pence his running mate.

“He’s great–maybe we should consider him (Pence) for the Nominee” said San Antonio Republican Grant Moody, who is part of the “Free the Delegates” movement–which is hoping to derail Trump’s Presidential Bid at the Convention in Cleveland.

“I have no problem with Mike Pence” Moody told KTSA News, adding “I think he’s been an effective Governor, he’s a strong Conservative.”

But Moody also said there’s one thing Pence can’t fix.

“It (the choice of Pence) doesn’t change Donald Trump’s lack of fitness for the Office” Moody said, pointing to why he’s still convinced Trump at the top will be a loser for the GOP in November.

“Ultimately, people are going to vote for the top of the Ticket–not the bottom half. I think Donald is still ultimately going to lose the election” Moody said, promising the effort to upend Trump’s Campaign will continue next week.

“It doesn’t change our calculus of whether Trump can be an effective Nominee and can win in November” Moody said.



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