Should Trump and the Republicans Be Worried About This?

Was last night’s talk about Oprah running for President just that? Talk?

Or, is there something more to it?

After her speech, NBC tweeted, “Nothing but respect for our future President.”

Her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, said she would do it if the “people” wanted her to.

Does she have a prayer against Trump in 2020? In short, no one has the answer. At least not now.

There are a few reasons why she is appealing to Democrat voters, and possibly (maybe – might be) to middle America.

  1. The Democrats don’t have anyone. It’s so bad that this past Friday they were hyping Joe Biden as a possible front-runner in 2020.
  2. Trump has proven that Presidential candidates don’t need political experience. In fact, he’s proven that it is preferable that the candidate be an outsider with fresh vision. He wasn’t our first and won’t be our last celebrity turned politician.
  3. Oprah is generally accepted as someone who is non-offensive. Her public persona is the anti-Trump. Middle-America might warm to a moderate message from a well-liked personality.
  4. Because of number 3, Trump might not be able to beat her up during the campaign as he did all of his other opponents, including Hillary. Just imagine – what would America think of him being mean to Oprah or calling her a name?
  5. She will have the support of all mainstream media. There will be major motion pictures made about her run for the White House.
  6. Money won’t be an issue.

The campaign season is still a ways off, and there will be lots of water to pass under the bridge between now and then.┬áSo, who knows? It’s all speculation at this point anyway.

Or…is it?



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