Trump’s First Address to Congress

For the first time, President Donald Trump will deliver an address to a joint-session of Congress.

“One thing we’re going to be hearing from President Trump is a discussion of the mess he claims he inherited from President Obama” Rice University Political Scientist and Fellow at the Baker Institute Mark Jones told KTSA News.

Jones said you can expect some familiar themes from Trump–who will also likely be extending a hand to Republicans in Congress.

“Red meat for his base–but then also some reaching out to Republicans–particularly those who are concerned about the direction of his Administration” Jones said, emphasizing he importance of the latter.

“What we’ve seen thus far is Republicans in Congress have oscillated between being very supportive of Donald Trump and being chock full of optimism–to having some real trepidation and dread regarding where his Administration is actually going” Jones said, pointing out the President’s need for Republicans in Congress to help in carrying out his agenda.

In at least one way, Jones said this address will not be like those “first Congressional addresses” from the Presidents who preceded him.

“If you look at President Obama, President George W. Bush, President Clinton, and President George H.W. Bush–they all utilized their first address to Congress as a way to bridge gaps between the parties” Jones said, adding the address isn’t likely to do much to appeal to Democrats, who are almost universal in their opposition to President Trump.


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