Two guys who are doing their jobs

“Did you HEAR what Paul Ryan said about Trump?!” ” Have you heard Trump’s comeback?”

Are we in a 7th grade homeroom or what? Political reporters need to grow up.

Speaker of the House of Representin’ Paul Ryan made news on CNN saying he’s “not ready” to back the presumptive presidential nominee: “I hope to and want to. But what is required is to unify this party,” he said, noting it’s on the Donald to do that or not.

Naturally, the busybees of the media scurried over to Donald Trump’s locker for comment from the big guy:

“Perhaps in the future we can come together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it’s about time for politicians to put them first!”

OOOhh, a feud! Nope. Each of them is just doing their job. Quite well, in this instance.

Ryan is the key leader of his party, outside of the general election and/or a Trump victory in November. ┬áHe is saying “show me what you’ve got as a uniter”. Ryan is smart enough to know what Trump can do.

For Donald Trump, his response perfectly reflects his supporters: If the House GOP is ready to dance, they’ll have a partner in candidate Trump. But let’s see what tune they call, because Trump’s rise is largely due to their having two left feet and falling all over themselves. He’ll sit out if they flop around even more. Keep making his own moves.

Ryan is no Boehner. And Trump is…Trump. Let’s see what happens.



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