Two More Primary Contests Tuesday

If Donald Trump is the only Republican running for President, will people still vote in the Primaries?

That’s a question that will be answered today in Nebraska and West Virginia.

Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says even though Trump is the last man standing, this is still an important day for his campaign.

“These states will provide us a little bit of a window into how well republicans on the ground rally to him in the absence of there being a Republican Primary fight.”

Rottinghaus says Trump’s recent talk about raising taxes on the wealthy got a lot of attention and it may take away from the little support he’s getting from the party.

Meanwhile, even though Hillary Clinton is way ahead of Bernie Sanders in the delegate count, the Vermont Senator isn’t going away.

We asked SMU’s Matthew Wilson why Sanders is staying in the race even though he can’t win the nomination mathematically. He told us Sanders is likely waiting to see if Hillary is indicted.

Meanwhile, he says Sanders will win big in Nebraska today but West Virginia will be a close race.

Wilson tells us that Hillary’s recent comments about the coal industry, a big employer in West Virginia, the state doesn’t have a large number of young progressives who are the biggest Sanders supporters.


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