TX Business Owners Worried About Impacts of “Bathroom Bill”

Dozens of small business owners around the State–including several here in San Antonio–are bracing for what they expect to be negative fallout from the expected push for a so-called “bathroom bill” in the Texas Legislature.

“I really, really feel a lot of pride in San Antonio… who we are, and what we show the world” said A&N Realty Owner Anel Flores, who told KTSA News the coming discussion runs counter to everything she sees that is right and good in the Alamo City.

“To have a hateful bill like this become part of our culture and our community… to have it even come close to us is to defy who we are” Flores said, especially concerned over the impact event he rhetoric from such a discussion will have on San Antonio’s powerful tourism economy.

“It’s really triggering, and it’s hurtful… it can sometimes push us backwards” Flores said, adding “I fear it’s going to affect our culture. It is our culture, this beautiful culture we have, that brings tourists to San Antonio.”

She is among the two-hundred some small business owners around the State who have sent a letter to the Legislature detailing their concerns. The message: We all must work together in these changing times.

“In the world, we’ve always had change… just be part of it. That’s part of growing. We all have to grow together, we have to do this together, and we have to be part of it together” Flores said.



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