A TX Call for More Nuclear Energy

A call for more nuclear energy in the United States–from oil-rich Texas.

It comes in the form of a bill in Congress, calling for more federal research and development–as well as more private investment in nuclear reactors.

“Nuclear energy can be a clean, cheap answer to an energy independent, pro-growth, secure future–if we let the science and market forces prevail” said House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, who said government red tape has caused the U.S. to not live up to its potential when it comes to nuclear energy. The San Antonio Republican has co-sponsored the bill with fellow Republican from Texas Randy Weber, as well as the Committee’s top Democrat, Eddie Bernice Johnson–both also from the Lone Star State.

“Implementing the provisions in this bill will help accelerate the development of advanced nuclear energy technologies that are safer, less expensive… more efficient” Johnson said.

For his part, Weber said the measure will help insure the United States remains a leader in the field of nuclear energy.

“Without the prioritization outlined in this bill, we will lose the ability to develop innovative nuclear technology–and be left importing reactor designs from overseas” Weber said, adding “This bill will maintain America’s capability to influence security and proliferation standards around the world, as more developing nations explore nuclear energy.”


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