TX Dems Try to Draw Line on Immigration

Texas Democrats are looking to draw a line when it comes to peace officers enforcing federal immigration laws.

“We come together today to make a stand in defense of some of the most important institutions in our society” State Senator Sylvia Garcia said as she unveiled her bill Wednesday that would prohibit officers from enforcing those laws in select locations around the Lone Star State.

We say no… we don’t want police officers carrying out federal immigration law at these places that are supposed to be safe for everyone” Garcia said, outlining the proposed limits at churches, school, hospitals, and places of worship.

“This bill would literally draw a circle of respect and trust around these facilities” Garcia said.

A total of eleven Senators support the measure–including San Antonio’s Jose Menendez.

“If you think about it, no parent should fear being able to take their children–many of them ho will be citizens–to school… or to pick them up” Menendez said, adding “No one should be kept from going to their place of worship.”


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