TX Senate Dems Draw Line, Vow to Fight

Just as the Texas Legislature gets back to work–some Democrats in Austin are drawing a line in the sand at the State Capitol.

“We’re talking about sanctuary cities bills, we’re talking about repealing the Dream Act… we’re talking about other anti-immigrant measures–which we see plenty of every session” El Paso Senator Jose Rodriguez said–pointing to one person in particular in casting blame for the climate he sees.

“We know the election of Donald Trump has both reduced the issues to simple slogans–while increasing the intensity of attacks on immigrants, minorities, the LGBT community, African-Americans and others” Rodriguez said.

Those sentiments were echoed by Houston Senator Sylvia Garcia.

“We will fight for a State that gives everyone equal opportunity… and respect to every Texas” Garcia said.

“We will fight this to the finish–no more and lo less” Rodriguez said.


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