TX Senators: No Time For Politics With Harvey Relief

By Bill O’Neil

Now is not the time to play politics.

The word from Texas’ U.S. Senators with the House giving a thumbs up to a nearly $8-billion package of aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“Harvey didn’t have the good graces to leave.. it sat there and dumped 27-trillion gallons of rain” Senator Ted Cruz said, pointing to a disaster on a scale rarely seen.

“It’s not one community or two communities or three communities… it is over 250-miles–stretching from Corpus Christi all the way to Louisiana” the Senator said.

Senator John Cornyn agreed.

“Wind attacking homes and structures eight times faster than a charging bull” the Senate’s Number Two Republican said.

A hitch in the plans for the relief might be found in a Democratic-led push to tie a short-term extension to the country’s debt ceiling in. Republicans were looking for a longer extension. Cornyn said it is up to Congress to show the federal governments words of comfort so far–aren’t empty.

“Now we need to demonstrate those weren’t just words–and follow them up with concrete action” Cornyn said.


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