Underage Booze Party Ends with House Registering .01 on Breathalyzer

Maryland college students were partying so hard, the air had enough alcohol to register on a breathalyzer.

WJLA-TV reports American University students were having a house party in November that was so loud that neighbors in the well-to-do Bethesda area called police.

Officers got to the house and knocked on the door.  They saw some party attendees look through the windows, but walked away.

Eventually, some of the hosts answered the door.

When the police got inside, the windows were covered with insulation and trash bags while beer cans and liquor bottles were laying all over the floor.

The officers also noted the basement floor was sticky, covered in spilled alcohol.

There was so much alcohol inside the house, the ambient air registered a .01 reading on one of the officer’s breathalyzer devices.

Eight party attendees locked themselves in a bathroom to hide from police.  Another person jumped out of a second floor window for the same reason.

Police set up screening stations outside of the house to breathalyze the party attendees — whose ages ranged from 17 to 20.

Six people admitted living in the house — all of them are 20 years old.

The six have all been charged with 126 counts each of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

The sextet would not tell police how they got so much alcohol for the number of attendees — and to give the ambient air a buzz.

They are all members of American University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, which brands itself as “the true gentlemen”, and three of the six are board members of the chapter.

All six face a maximum penalty of $315,000 in fines.


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