Union: Rush to Judgment on Lee

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus placed Officer John Lee on “contemplated indefinite suspension for placing himself unnecessarily in a tactical situation where in he felt compelled to use deadly force.

“That struck to the core of our membership,” San Antonio Police Officers Association President Mike Helle told KTSA News. “Rank and file are upset, confused about what the meaning of what the chief was trying to do.”

Helle said the officers see John Lee’s actions are justified.

“The confusion comes in that the chief is trying to assert that somehow John Lee could have positioned himself differently to avoid shooting the actor,” Helle said. “That is assumption, it’s not a fact.”

Helle said Officer Lee can request a hearing with the chief, who would then make a final decision.

“The ‘contemplated’ is just ‘this is what I’m thinking about doing to you,’ it doesn’t mean he’s going to do that,” he said. “There have been other cases that he’s put ‘contemplated’ and has actually gone a completely different direction.”

“I’m praying that he does that in this situation,” Helle said.



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