UT Student Prez Welcomes Fisher Ruling

A thumbs up from the University of Texas Student Body President for the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the school’s use of race as a consideration in it’s admissions policy.

“I truly do believe that the quality of my education at the University of Texas hinges on the differences brought forth by the person sitting at the desk next to me” Kevin Helgren told KTSA News.

He said the use of race in the admissions policy is very limited–and is among a number of factors that are ultimately weighed in a prospective student’s application.

“We’re also looking at things like leadership skills, socio-economic status, geographic background” Helgren said, adding the issue has been a very hot topic on campus for a while.

“We’ve given all of our students–regardless of the viewpoint they choose to hold–plenty of space to express those opinions, and engage in meaningful dialogue” Helgren said.

As part of it’s ruling the High Court did give schools something of a warning to tread lightly as it considers race in admissions. Helgren is very confident that can be and will be done.

“As long as we continue that diverse atmosphere that allows students to bring their individual viewpoints to the table, I think we’ll continue to travel in the right direction” Helgren said.



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