UTSA President Romo Retires

It’s official–Ricardo Romo is out as President of UTSA.

Romo, who had planned to retire later this year, has decided to retire immediately after being placed on administrative leave by the school last month.

In a statement, Romo said “I have been made aware that the manner in which I embraced women made them uncomfortable and was inappropriate. I understand and respect Chancellor (William) McRaven’s concerns about my behavior and I deeply apologize for any conduct that offended anyone” Romo said.

This statement is the first to shed light on the circumstances that led to Romo being placed on leave.

“I have worked hard over the years with the dedicated staff of the Office of the President to serve UTSA with distinction and honor. I know that my dedicated staff is the very best anyone in my position could hope to have. Together we have achieved extraordinary success for UTSA” Romo said.


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