Vape Shop Owners Frustrated With Cornyn, Cruz

Vape shop owners are asking Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment.

They say it’ll protect jobs.

“The main thing that we are focused on within that amendment is to change what is called the ‘predicate date’,” Wood Creek Vapory owner Gary Wood told KTSA News.

Recently, the FDA deemed all vaping products as tobacco products, but that could bankrupt small businesses.

“Without changing that (predicate) date, all these advancements, all these technological advancements in safety and efficiency, would be wiped out,” he said.

Wood wants the ‘predicate date’ changed to August 8, 2016, when the rules affected vaping.

If that doesn’t happen, “we would just end up losing our businesses, which my wife and I put everything into to help people they way it helped us,” he said.

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