VIA Moving Toward “Greener” Fleet

Just in time for Earth Day–VIA is out with plans to do its part to help clean up the Alamo City’s air.

“We will receive 270 replacement buses between now and the end of September… of a fleet of 474… so, that’s about 55% of the fleet” VIA President and CEO Jeffrey Arndt told KTSA News, describing what is the start of transitioning VIA’s current line up of diesel burning buses to ones that will run on compressed natural gas.

Arndt said the CNG-powered buses will offer customers a much quieter ride–and the community much more, including the near elimination of the ozone contributed to San Antonio’s air by VIA.

“The “Nox” (nitrogen oxide) emissions from a CNG engine will be 97% less nox than what is being emitted by the current diesel buses” Arndt said.

There’s also a potentially big money saver in the move.

“We estimate that by the time we get to 2020… and we have 400 new CNG buses in the fleet… we will generate a fuel cost savings of about $8.5 million a year” Arndt said.

In order to fuel the new buses, VIA is also constructing a new fueling station–which will be a record-setter when it’s completed in the next week or so.

“When it’s complete, it will be the largest CNG fueling station in North America” Arndt said.



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