VIA Unveils goMobile App

By Bill O’Neil

VIA is out with a brand new app that not only will help you plan your trip–it will also let you pay for it too.

“It will tell you specifically how to walk to the stop, where you need to start… it will tell you which stop that is. If you have a transfer, it will tell you where that is made–and, it will give you the approximate time for the trip” VIA President and CEO Jeffrey Arndt told KTSA News, explaining the goMobile app.

The same app also allows you to spend less time fumbling with cash and transfer cards.

“You can pre-purchase if you like a variety of fare media that only become active when you activate them” Arndt said.

Once activated, you simply show the driver–like a flash pass.

The goMobile app is up and running–and available now.

“You can get the app in both Android and Apple” Arndt said.

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