Video: Fight at IHOP In Memphis

Two sisters have been arrested after a Saturday night brawl at IHOP in Whitehaven.  The fight happened at the IHOP near Southland Mall in Whitehaven.

The General Manager told police that employee Janika Nellums and her sister Shanika Strickland got into a fight with other restaurant employees as a baby sat just a few feet away. A video of the fight has been circulating around social media. Be warned the video does contain adult language.

One of the victims told police she and Nellums got into an argument Friday about work. Saturday the brawl broke out. The women involved in the fight threw chairs and caused $1,000 in damage to the restaurant. Nellums was taken to Regional Medical Center for treatment before being taken to jail.

Both Nellums and Strickland are charged with assault and vandalism.



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