Vista Ridge Changes Before Council

The San Antonio City Council awaits details from SAWS on the changes with the Vista Ridge Project.

SAWS officials are expected to detail the shift in project control from troubled Abengoa to Garney Construction.

“I need to be assured that the contract that was entered into with Abengoa remains the same,” Councilman Ron Nirenberg told KTSA News. He’s talking about risk “that in fact we are still protecting the San Antonio taxpayer.”

Councilman Mike Gallagher wants to make sure continuity exists.

“And that we don’t have to pay for any extra than what we already committed to,” Gallagher said.

Nirenberg remains committed to ensuring a long-term water security project for the city’s future.

“How we do it though is a matter of great importance because we only get a few turns at bat,” he said.

SAWS goes in front of the City Council Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, opposition continues to grow.

It’s more water than San Antonio needs. That’s one of the reasons the Save Our Springs Alliance is not on board with changes to the Vista Ridge Pipeline Plan.

The groups Lauren Ice says customers will feel the impact because SAWS will have to pay for the water whether the city needs it or not.

“This project will go a long way to discouraging conservation because it’s going to provide so much excess water.”

Ice says the pipeline will ship 16 billion gallons of groundwater to San Antonio every year.


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