Walker Endorses Cruz

A one-time Republican Presidential front runner is off the sidelines in the race for the GOP Nomination.

“A lot of thought, a lot of time, a lot of prayer about this” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told Milwaukee’s WTMJ Radio in announcing his endorsement Tuesday Morning.

“I just really decided that after all of these years of Obama-Clinton failures, that it’s time to elect a strong new leader. I’ve chosen Ted Cruz” Walker said, the endorsement coming a week before Wisconsin voters go to the polls for that State’s Presidential Primary.

“Ted Cruz is in the best position by far to both win the Nomination of the Republican Party… then, go on and defeat Hillary Clinton” Walker added.

But while Walker is firmly in Cruz’ camp–don’t expect to hear the Wisconsin Governor bash Donald Trump.

“I wanted to make sure I was supporting someone–that I wasn’t against something or someone” Walker said.

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