I Want To Say This Directly To You “Take-a-Knee” Athletes


Most kneeling NFLers are followers. Caught up in a fad.  This is for the leaders—the leaders of “take-a-knee”.

My father enlisted in the USN barely 18 to serve his country in the Pacific in World War II. He saw the world and it haunted him, scarred him and changed him.

Something inside him never came home from the war, but, for the rest of his life, he always came home to his family. Always.

There were many, many things about his country that disappointed him. Political, business and religious issues, about which he was angry and outspoken.

Despite highly-decorated service, he came home to anti-Italian bigotry, in employment and dealing with people. If anyone could’ve turned bitter or cynical, he could’ve. Instead, the National Anthem made him misty-eyed.

His was not a blind patriotism. He just knew that there were still special things about America worth defending.

Worth honoring.

He NEVER disappointed his nation, his family, his employer or any one of you currently “taking a knee”.

You kneelers may have been let down in your life, but you were not let down by him or millions like him. Yet you dishonor the flag under which we buried him in 2005.

Do you have the right? Sure. Are you right? No.

Sunday, the Pittsburgh’s Alejandro Villanueva, an Army Ranger,  was the only Steeler player to stand and cover his heart.

Here’s what he said:

“Whenever you include an entire country in one of those protests, I think you might mislead some people who truly wake up every single morning trying to give everything, including their lives, to protect this country. It’s a little bit unfair to group everybody under that category.”

Your disrespect of others will not earn any respect for you.






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