Would this be that “war on women” thing?

If he’d asked me, “Do you know who I am?”, the answer would’ve been no.

Actor named Wendell Pierce facing battery charges in Atlanta because…ready for Hillary, I guess.

According to WSB-TV, Pierce, who can be seen on “The Wire” and is now on the wires, ¬†was out on the town at 3:30 AM, and decided to strike up a political conversation with two people he’d just met. Three-thirty in the ayem. What could go wrong?

Somehow, it emerged that the woman was a Bernie Sanders supporter, while Wendell’s in favor of The Artist formerly known as Inevitable. Unable to handle her lack of reverence for La Clinton, Pierce is alleged to have grabbed her by the hair and slapped her around.

C’mon, who hasn’t wanted to slap a Sanders voter?

Does that usually win people over, Wendell?

One more sign that the cheese is sliding off the cracker for a lot of Hillary folks


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