What to Watch for on Election Day?

We’re expecting a huge turnout on Election Day across the country, thanks in part to tight races in several states.

“Republicans and Democrats are neck and neck in a bunch of states that they both need to win, so I think we’re going to expect pretty big turnout because the stakes are very high,” University of Houston Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus told KTSA News.

Right now, he said, the edge goes to Hillary.

“Because the Democrats have baked in support in so many different states across the nation, her advantage is already pre-cemented in many places,” he said.

And Trump’s path to victory is narrow enough to he’d have to be perfect in some toss-up states “and run the table in some places that are either traditionally Democratic states or Republican pick-ups,” Rottinghaus said.

Can either unify this country?

“It’s going to be really hard for either candidate to try to undo the high degree of toxicity that’s out there,” he said. “So they’re both going to have to work behind the scenes to build bridges.”


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