Water Crisis Unfolding in Corpus Christi

A tap water contamination crisis is unfolding Southeast of San Antonio.

“There have been no substantial changes in the ability to lift the water situation, as we have it,” Corpus Christi spokeswoman Kim Womack told reporters at a 1PM news conference Thursday.

The message to residents there remains: don’t drink and don’t bathe in the water after a chemical spilled into the water supply.

“A generous donor has given us 27,000 cases of water,” she said. “We’re in the emergency operations planning to distribute this water” free of charge to residents and at a few locations in the city.

The city has also requested state assistance and asked for additional water to be trucked in Friday.

She said nearby cities have also helped with water and Stripes, Walmart, and HEB also have told the city that they’ll restock bottled water supply.

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