Tips to stay warm and safe inside during freezing weather

It will be important to stay warm Thursday night as areas north and west of San Antonio are expected to drop below freezing overnight.

But, it is also important to remember these home heating safety tips.

The two top dangers in keeping warm at home are the risks of fire and carbon monoxide.

“We want our customers to make sure all of their smoke alarms — make sure those are all working,” Albert Cantu with CPS Energy told KTSA.

Customers that use natural gas as a hear source should make sure their gas is burning the right color.

“Blue is the best color you want to look for,” Cantu explained. “Anything with red or orange in the flame is a good indication that you have some carbon monoxide coming from it.”

If you are using a space heater, you should keep items at least three feet away from it. Cantu said you should also crack open a window for ventilation.

Utility officials also want to make sure you aren’t using any unconventional means to keep warm.

Using an oven or a stove can pose a fire risk.  It is also an inefficient way to heat a home.

“Some folks, believe it or not, have brought in trash cans and put logs into that and burned it inside the home,” shared Cantu.

That obviously puts your home at risk of catching fire, but Cantu says it will fill your home with carbon monoxide.


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