Welcome to the Anti-Civil Rights Movement

In the 10 or so days since Omar Mateen took 49 lives and changed countless others, our political types have often seemed like co-conspirators instead of leaders.

From the President’s compulsive aversion to identifying Islam with terrorism and barely-disguised rage at his political opponents, to the warmed-over case for more gun regulations, it’s like they’re determined to finish the work the terrorist began.

And now, the strangest part of all (so far): the House of Representatives “sit-in”.

First, if truth be told, this is a strong case for term limits—I mean, did you see these septuagenarian ¬†solons trying to get down on the floor? I thought I was watching the new “Life Alert” commercial. America, you’ve fallen and you can’t get up.¬†I predict a run on Icy Hot at the Capitol pharmacy tomorrow.

Secondly, if I understand these sprawled-out seniors, they’re engaged in our first-ever anti-civil rights protest. Because, they’re demanding that we throw out due process for gun ownership, codify “guilty until proven innocent” and remove judicial safeguards despite knowing how flawed and #$%&-ed up the various “lists” already are.

Irony highlight: Georgia Cong. John Lewis, a titan of the original civil rights movement, is now one of the “sitters”—even though he was once erroneously on the “no-fly” list. Meaning: he is protesting¬†against his own rights.

We are now completely through the looking glass. People like Lewis and others who were the voices raised against the “Bush-Cheney surveillance state”, suddenly…don’t care about due process.

Meanwhile, Republicans—I see what you’re doing too! While they were quick to scoff at gun grabbing proposals as hasty, unconstitutional and irrelevant to stopping a terrorist, the GOP are now pushing hard to expand the surveillance state and give the government more “benefit of the doubt” leeway in digital spying. Patriot Act, meet Son of Patriot Act!

Aren’t we overlooking something? Ol’ Omar was under government surveillance for some time, and it didn’t predict (and could it have?) what he would do.

While the American people bear up remarkably well under attack, grieving with and supporting each other across all kinds of lines, the current political class is by and large just standing on the coffin lids of Orlando playing politics and eroding freedom.



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